BigChange for Email

BigChange Ltd

5.0 (2)

Turn emails and attachments into new or existing notes in BigChange.


BigChange’s 5-in-1 Mobile Workforce and Job Management system helps companies to plan, manage, schedule and track their mobile workforces paperlessly.

With BigChange for Outlook, you can:

  • Save important emails and attachments to notes in BigChange
  • Create new notes directly from the Outlook add-in
  • Save time and keep everyone updated
  • When you create notes in BigChange from Outlook, you can Schedule follow-up activities, assign work to other people and collaborate to complete tasks effectively


  • BigChange for Outlook works with the most recent versions of Outlook that allow advanced add-ins for Office: Minimum supported versions

    • Office 2019 (or later including Office 365) for Windows
    • Office 2016 (or later including Office 365) for Mac.

  • Use of this add-in requires a paid BigChange account. To find out more visit
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