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Henke, Simon & Mehlhorn, Nils GbR

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Schedule messages for delayed delivery in Microsoft Teams

Send Later is an app for Microsoft Teams that lets you schedule messages, which will then be sent on your behalf at a date and time of your choice. This allows you to plan ahead in group chats and channels while not having to worry about being online at the time you want your message to be delivered - it all works automatically.

What's the benefit of that? Here are some scenarios and use cases:

Teachers: Schedule tasks and solutions for students.

Teams:Postpone messages to prevent them from disrupting mates outside of business hours or on the weekend.

Organization: Make announcements at specific times without being online.

Personal: Get things off your mind by setting reminders to yourself or someone else in advance.

More: For sure there's much more. Tell us about your specific use case.

Interested? Here are some more key features of Send Later:

Group Chats & Channels: The app seamlessly integrates with the regular chat experience.

Cancel Planned Messages: Changed your mind? Just cancel your scheduled message.

Cloud Scheduling: Don't worry about being online or not. The send process happens automatically either way.

Dashboard Tab: View and manage all your messages in the dashboard. You can search for and filter messages, see their current status and cancel or reschedule them.

In-Chat Integration or Bot Dialog: Schedule messages via a popup or directly talk to the app bot.

Reply Support: Create new conversations or reply to existing ones.

You can schedule messages either by using the Send Later message extension below the chat box or by chatting with the Send Later bot. When scheduling your first message, you'll be asked to sign-in so that Send Later can send messages on your behalf.

In the free version of Send Later you can have one active user per organization who can schedule a limited number of messages per month. This way you can easily test the app. You can give access to additional users and schedule more messages per month by purchasing a subscription for your organization from our customer portal.

Still left with open questions? Check out our FAQs or contact us directly for feedback, feature requests or similar, we're happy to get in touch!

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