Cegid HR Experience


HR tools you can't do without. Simplify your tasks and gain efficiency.

With Cegid HR Experience, facilitate your daily work and obtain the benefits of a better employee experience:

- Get easier access to the most used HR common activities and tasks.

- Clock in and out with a single click, with Virtual Clocking.

- Requesting your holidays or Leave of Absences couldn't be easier, plus now you can manage all your absences.

- Easily access your payroll from the Payslip Hub for your current and past payrolls.

- Find out in a blink of an eye which of your colleagues are available and if they are absent or working from home through the Community Leave.

Enjoy how much simpler it is to get things done in your organization and how visible the people in your organization finally become.

This app is available only for employees of organizations using Cegid Payroll, Talent or Time Management solution. Please contact your HR department.

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