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Engage and recognize employees anywhere, instantly, with digital rewards.

BHN Rewards’ integration makes it easy to set up employee rewards and recognition in Microsoft Teams. With just a few clicks, you can celebrate endless milestones and achievements, from work anniversaries to project launches.

Use rewards to: 

  • Publicly recognize and reward monthly, quarterly, or annual top performers
  • Empower managers to present spot rewards.
  • Incorporate rewards into training and development programs.
  • Delight team members at virtual employee appreciation events.
  • Celebrate goal achievement among individual employees and entire teams.
  • Recognize milestones like work anniversaries. 
  • Give thanks during the holidays.

The possibilities are endless.

Easily recognize team members all over the world

No matter where your remote or hybrid employees are working from, BHN Rewards streamlines global rewarding in Microsoft Teams. Select from a catalog of 250+ digital rewards, including top-rated brand gift cards, Visa and Mastercard rewards, and e-donations.


Send employee rewards instantly in live meetings or chat 

Amplify employee recognition by sending BHN Rewards publicly during live virtual meetings or  deliver individual rewards via chat message. 


Enjoy full control over multiple campaigns and user groups

With no limit on seats or licenses, you can roll out BHN Rewards for Microsoft Teams to every department. Set guardrails with different budget groups based on role. Track how many rewards have been sent and claimed at the campaign and program levels, so you have 100% visibility. 


Learn more at Rybbon is now BHN Rewards.

Ideal for HR, sales, customer service, technology teams, and more! 

Note: Microsoft Teams users must have a BHN Rewards account to use this app. Simply create a BHN Rewards account for your organization, then you can download the BHN Rewards app to Microsoft Teams.

Over 3,000 global customers have used BHN Rewards to send over 3.9M rewards across 180 countries using our 20+ integrations. BHN Rewards, part of Blackhawk Network, has 3,000+ global employees with $5B in rewards issued annually, with 8,000+ rewards content partners.

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