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Secure and seamless electronic signature integration to sign Word documents or send for signature.

Save time and enhance efficiency by electronically signing Word documents online or sending them for signature directly from Microsoft Word or Word Online!

★ Work that flows – Secure, reliable, legally binding eSignatures ★

Sign.Plus's seamless integration with Microsoft Word allows you to effortlessly sign Word documents, deliver Word documents for eSignature to single or multiple recipients, or efficiently store a Word document as a reusable template, streamlining the workflow for frequently used documents. With this integration, you'll experience a new level of efficiency and simplicity in your document management.

How does the Sign.Plus integration for MS Word work?

  1. Open an existing Word document or draft a new one.
  2. Make all the changes you want to the Word document and get it ready for eSignature.
  3. Access the Sign.Plus for Word add-in directly from the ribbon on the top bar.
  4. On the right sidebar, either sign in to your existing Sign.Plus account or effortlessly sign up for a free account.
  5. Choose from three options for your Word document: Sign Myself, Request Signature, or Create Template.
  6. Specify recipients and their roles, and if needed, set up multiple steps for the eSignature process.
  7. Add various fields like signature, initials, text fields, date stamps, and more by simply dragging and dropping them into your document.
  8. Send your document for signature, either by signing it yourself or saving it as a reusable template.
  9. Stay informed with real-time updates on each recipient's progress, including whether they've opened, viewed, signed, or voided your document.

Sign.Plus key features and benefits:

  • Legally-binding electronic signature solution.
  • Extremely secure and compliant electronic signature solution. Learn more about Sign.Plus security and data protection features.
  • Easy and seamless integration with Microsoft Word and Word Online.
  • Compatible with any version of MS Word, including Microsoft Word 2013 (Windows only), Microsoft Word 2016 (Windows and Mac), Word Online, and Word for iPad.
  • Sign Word documents with ease.
  • Send Word documents for eSignature to one or multiple recipients.
  • Save a Word document as a reusable template for electronic signatures.
  • Close deals faster, save time, and lower operation costs.
  • Non-editable logs that capture any activity that has occurred with information such as name, IP address, email address, and device.
  • Choose to send a document to all recipients at once, or specify signing steps and arrange their receiving order.
  • Free to use eSignature solution – Also, a free trial is available for paid plans.

  • Licensing Information:

    The Sign.Plus integration for Microsoft Word is available for free to every Sign.Plus user. Sign.Plus offers a completely free electronic signature solution with the option to sign documents yourself or send documents for signature.

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