Task Magic

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Submit tasks to be completed on Amazon Mechanical Turk within Excel

Task Magic brings the power of Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) to your Excel Workbooks. With Task Magic you can simply select the data you want processed and submit it to MTurk Workers without leaving Excel. Get the sentiment of text, identify if any images contain specified objects, or perform a number of other common tasks quickly and easily.

Select the task you want Workers to perform, create a Table containing the data you want Workers to process, and click submit to quickly distribute each data item in your Table to thousands of Workers around the world. MTurk Workers will complete them to earn rewards. To get your results, simply select Get Results and the answers provided by the Workers will be added to your Table.

To use Task Magic you will need to setup and configure Amazon Mechanical Turk and Amazon Web Services accounts so that you can make requests to MTurk from the app. You will also need to add funds to your MTurk account so that Workers can be rewarded for completing the tasks you submit.

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