Luware Stratus Team


An intelligent routing engine in the cloud which automatically manages incoming calls

With Luware Stratus Team, service requests are automatically distributed to the responsible team member, depending on the presence status. Luware Stratus Team uses only the Microsoft Teams client where all the information and capabilities are directly available.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) functionalities ensure that customer requests are put through to the responsible Team service in a dialog-orientated way. The Stratus call routing engine is conducted according to the criteria of “Longest Idle” or “SimRing/Broadcast”. Team leaders manage their teams via a website. This enables them to change announcements or forwarding settings in a simple and flexible way without putting IT into the loop. In the area of reporting, all important and current key figures are displayed on an easy understandable dashboard. The history of reporting data is offered as a download for Microsoft Power BI for a more profound analysis.

Why are companies using Luware Stratus Team?

  • Expand the function set of Microsoft Teams
  • Show the team and queue presence status
  • Provide IVR/ICR functionality, various routing options and open hours handling
  • Reduce customer waiting time through intelligent routing
  • Manage call routing configurations without IT department
  • Low provisioning and running costs
  • The solution is up and running in hours
  • Low price per team and month

Why do customers like Luware Stratus Team?

  • Support and optimize customer service processes
  • Increase the availability of the customer service center
  • Balance the workload, improve productivity and quality of agents
  • Reduce the overall costs to serve customer requests
  • Increase the satisfaction rate of the customers and agents
  • Delivers a reporting dashboard
  • Solution is fully integrated into Microsoft Teams

About Luware:

Our promise – Swiss and Simple

Innovation and ease of use coupled with quality and simplicity. As a spin-off of the University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil, Switzerland, such values are lived, because relationships are strengthened with trust. Be it with your customers or in a partnership with us!

Note: The sign-up, purchase and initial configuration of the Stratus app will need an approval from your Enterprise IT Administrator.

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