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Roby is a simple-to-use helpdesk app for support teams to manage tickets without leaving Teams.

Meet Roby - a refreshingly simple alternative to complex ticketing systems for companies that are looking to streamline support services. Submit, resolve, and manage tickets such as IT issues, HR questions, or any internal requests without leaving Microsoft Teams.

Key Features and Functions (*all within Teams)

Ticket Management

  • Submit a ticket via private chat or turn messages in the channels into a ticket automatically.
  • Close/Assign tickets.
  • Send follow-up messages.
  • Triage requests with priority levels and due dates.
  • Add internal notes to a ticket.
  • Attach files to a ticket.

Auto-response to Repetitive Questions

  • Store your responses to specific questions.
  • Manage/update your responses.
  • Employees can auto-search stored responses before submitting a ticket.


  • Automatically notify the employees when their tickets are resolved.
  • Receive notification about ticket updates and deadlines.
  • Weekly reminder for the tickets that need immediate attention.
  • Notification when the follow-up messages are read.
  • A reminder when the follow-up messages are marked as unread for 48 hours.


  • Integrate with your existing ticketing system.
  • Connect your support email to Roby and automatically create tickets.
  • Connect your clients' Microsoft Teams and manage external tickets.
  • Contact us for more information!

To Get Started

  • Add Roby to a team.
  • The members of the team will be able to us