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Frontline Work Connector for Microsoft Teams

Help the frontline and the back-office work together better with the Frontline Work Connector for Microsoft Teams. The Frontline Work Connector for Microsoft Teams streamlines collaboration between Microsoft Teams users and frontline industrial workers on the shop floor or in the field. Install the connector, then customize the applet in Parsable to seamlessly send specifics from the source or share the status of significant situations with key stakeholders.

  • Streamline collaboration: Post real-time updates and share critical frontline work details from Parsable jobs to Microsoft Teams channels.
  • Connect to any channel: Configure and customize channel-specific applets with just a few clicks.
  • Use and reuse connections: Build a library of reusable Parsable applets for each Microsoft Teams channel to be used across the enterprise.

Parsable’s Frontline Work Connector for Microsoft Teams requires an active Parsable account. Only one account is needed to configure the connection between Parsable and Microsoft Teams.

Authorized users within Parsable can customize the default settings of the applets used to post messages from Parsable to Microsoft Teams channels. These messages can automatically pull relevant data from the job to share within Microsoft Teams.

Parsable is the leading Connected Worker Platform that empowers frontline workers through modern digital tools. Empowering frontline workers is key to improving quality, safety, and efficiency within industrial organizations. Through the Connected Worker Platform, organizations can Digitize, Execute, Measure, and Transform work at scale.

Key market trends have emerged that have increased the urgency for Connected Work:

  • The retiring workforce, referred to by some as the great crew change, is expected to devastate many industrial organizations as soon as 2025. Not only will there be roles to fill, but the undocumented tribal knowledge on which many organizations rely will be lost. [#LI]Millennials and Gen Z, who are digital natives having grown up and accustomed to the latest advancements in consumer technology, have begun to take over the workforce and won’t settle for the pen and paper processes of the past. Connected Work is the key to engaging and empowering the frontline workforce and enabling scalable knowledge transfer to address the skills gap. Common use cases include, but are not limited to: [#LI]Connections to remote experts [#LI]On-the-job training and micro-lessons [#LI]Digital work instructions [#LI]Supply chain collaboration [#LI]Data capture To learn more or to get started with your digital transformation journey, visit us at
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