Automate your standups and team check-ins with AgilePolly.

Bring automated, remote-friendly standups and check-ins to Microsoft Teams!

AgilePolly empowers your team with continuous insights into your agile processes, all through a native Microsoft Teams experience.

Simply add AgilePolly to any team or group chat where you'd like to run standups. Pin the AgilePolly tab to any channel where you'd like to post results. Then you are all set to kick off your first Microsoft Teams native standup.

Keep your team aligned and informed

See at a glance how each team member's work impacts others, who's blocked, and what's needed to clear the way. Results appear live in-channel as each member of your team updates their status.

Is Jeff's progress on the roadmap blocked on that customer research? Surface bottlenecks asynchronously to the broader team directly within Teams. Productivity unlocked.

Forgot how far along Emily was on that feature branch? With AgilePolly, you can refer back to detailed historical standup results anytime without leaving the Microsoft Teams app.

AgilePolly standups provide a built-in system of record, chronicling the progress your team makes towards projects and initiatives.

Sync quickly across projects and timezones

Give your local, remote, and distributed teammates clear insight into the crucial role they play in your success.

Face-to-face meetings and video conferencing aren't always an option for remote or distributed teams. And you shouldn't have to sacrifice clarity for flexibility.

AgilePolly standups help you stay connected to your colleagues, whether they're across the room or across an ocean.

Empower your team to focus on their most important work

Meeting delays, empty meeting rooms, loose ends, and random tangential conversations. It's so easy for standup meetings to go off track.

With AgilePolly, your team can spend more time doing the work that matters.

AgilePolly for Microsoft Teams helps your team continuously share, collect, and review mission critical information without taking more than a minute out of their day.

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