Planview Kodi

Planview, Inc.

Planview Enterprise One Assistant

Planview Kodi is Planview's intelligent assistant that provides easy on-demand access to Planview Enterprise One data for project and resource managers and even casual business users. Provides a simple way to address skills gaps while engaging users with Planview.

You must have an active Planview Enterprise One license to get your assistant to work for you. If you are not a customer, visit to learn more about Planview.

Please keep in mind that for this release of Planview Kodi the service calls will hit United States hosted resources. Enterprise One customers hosted outside of the United States should be aware of this and ensure that using Planview Kodi does not violate any data protection protocols relevant to your organization. Planview is working on multi-region support but until then, please refrain from using if this is a requirement for your organization.

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