Uptick for Teams helps you improve your 1:1's by having meaningful conversations, not just updates.

Uptick works in Microsoft Teams to facilitate 1:1s that create meaningful conversations between managers and their team members. For some that’s discussing goals and priorities, for others that’s talking about professional development. Whatever the topic, Uptick makes sure there’s consistency and some light structure to keep the conversations on-track. As one of our customers said:

"Uptick is a game-changer. I've got a couple of people that report to me where there were some relationship struggles. And just by using the tool it has completely changed that relationship... there's some vulnerability there that never existed previously... and it's created a lot of trust and much better communication."

How does Uptick work? Well, once into Uptick, you'll be prompted to set up the questions for your 1:1. Our default (but completely customizable) question set will include a discussion of goals, priorities, productivity, personal development, and values. You can also start your own question set from scratch! From there, you can set up a recurring time for your meeting, and it you like, send out a calendar invitation that will allow you to reschedule and skip your meetings right from Uptick.

Once the meeting is set up, Uptick sends a notification to the employee to fill out their 1:1 the day before the meeting. The manager will be notified when the employee has submitted the 1:1 in order to review it and take notes. Then, once you’re meeting with your teammate, managers and employees alike can edit the priorities that will be completed before the next 1:1. This gives both people clarity on what’s to be accomplished.

From there you get to chat about the things that really matter…professional development, obstacles to success, team dynamics and the values you’d like to focus on. This is where Uptick comes alive, helping develop the kind of relationships with your teammates you hoped you’d have.

You need to have an Uptick account to get started, so click "Sign Up" on the opening screen.

And keep on the lookout for some Uptick notification bots, earmarked for release in 2020!

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