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Cite effortlessly and format your bibliography with 7000+ styles, all without leaving Word.

Sciwheel provides customizable, intuitive, and accessible tools to progress research and discovery. From reference management with smart citation suggestions to writing, annotating, and team collaboration, Sciwheel is where research truly comes together.

With our Sciwheel Word add-in, you can easily cite any references saved in Sciwheel. You'll get smart citation suggestions and be able to search PubMed or expert recommended articles in Faculty Opinions without leaving Word. Choose APA, Chicago, Harvard, IEEE, MLA, Vancouver, or any other from more than 7000 styles to easily format your citations and bibliography.

Features include:

- Search for references in your Sciwheel projects and easily insert them into your document

- Insert your Project notes that you have made alongside your references

- Search through PubMed and look for recommended articles in Faculty Opinions

- Manually edit a citation

- Insert and format your bibliography  

Full access to Sciwheel is limited to users at an Sciwheel subscribing institution or with a Premium subscription. With a Premium subscription, you have access to smart citation suggestions in our Sciwheel Word add-in; helping you ensure you don’t miss any relevant references!

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