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File VAT via Excel with ANNA’s MTD VAT Filer Excel Add-in – Totally Free And No Registration Needed

File your VAT Return directly from Excel using HMRC-approved MTD filing software.

ANNA Admin’s free Microsoft Excel Add-in for VAT filing makes it easy for you to file your VAT Return directly from an Excel spreadsheet.

Open the ANNA add-in within Excel, and ANNA will automatically calculate each value in your 9-box VAT Return. Then simply connect to HMRC via our secure Making Tax Digital (MTD) bridging software for Excel, and ANNA Admin will submit your return with the tap of a button. It’s VAT the easy way.

We’ve also created a series of MTD Excel templates, to make calculating and submitting your VAT even easier. Get templates for standard (accrual) VAT, cash basis and flat rate accounting here:



Acquire using:

Microsoft account

Add-in capabilities:

When this add-in is used, it:

Can read and make changes to your document

Can send data over the Internet

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