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Display the relationship between two or more datasets | PBI certified

Compare and contrast your data. Venn diagrams are a classic data visualization tool – a simple yet creative way to organize data and understand relationships within it. Venn Diagram by MAQ Software displays the logical relationships between a collection of data sets, each represented as a circle. Circle intersections highlight qualities shared by the overlapping data sets.

Business Use Cases:

  • Marketing - Analyze what social media your target audience uses and where there is overlap
  • Project Management - Showcase employee involvement across various products and projects to understand how teams overlap
  • Sales - Understand the most important product attributes for customers based on survey feedback

Key Features:

  • Labels for individual values and intersection values
  • Legend order derived from the order of columns in the category field
  • Customizable names and colors for each dataset

What's New in 3.1.1:

  • Updated with latest certification ruleset

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What's New in 3.0.9:

  • Added rendering events API

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