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R DataTable

David Eldersveld

An interactive R-powered table that helps you easily explore and filter data

Based on the DT package, R DataTable is an interactive Power BI R custom visual that helps you easily explore table data.

Some of the benefits of R DataTable include:

  • Search - Global search field to filter data across all columns
  • Pagination - Use "Show # of entries" to choose between 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, or 1000 records to display per page
  • Column-level filters - Conveniently filter column values using the option below each column header

Format Options

  • Initial Entries - Choose the default number of entries/records per page
  • Filters - Choose how to display the column filters (Top, Bottom, None)


  • User-defined selections and filters are not preserved between sessions. When used in a report, the initial view will appear with all of the data specified under Values (defaults to 5 entries to page, no in-visual filters applied, no search value). This limitation makes it a good exploratory but not necessarily a good explanatory visual.
  • Optimal visual height is 415px or greater.
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