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xViz Radial chart comes with a lot of insightful and interactive features that enhances the ux.

The xViz Radar / Polar chart comes with a lot of insightful and interactive features that enhances the user experience and visual appeal of the reports.

Conditional formatting, Number Formatting & Summary table features of the visual gives the users complete control of the data that drives the visual.


- Advanced Conditional formatting options

- Runtime Summary table with advanced reporting capabilities

- Number Formatting options to configure Value Decimal places, Thousand separator, etc.,

- Customized Scaling capabilities for measures with different value ranges

- Various types of chart configurations

- Export to Excel with the Summary table option

- 10+ configuration options for each value series which includes


1. Qualitative Analysis of Performance metrics.

2. Rocket propulsion and trajectory analysis.

3. Strength & Weakness Analysis of player metrics in various sports.

For any feature requests or questions about this advanced custom visual, please write to us at : [https://community.xviz.com/](https://community.xviz.com/)

Pro features are listed in visual and [Pro Features](https://xviz.com/pricing/), additional purchase is required to use the mentioned list.

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