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Turn creative designs into animated and lightweight infographics. From Power Point to Power BI!

PureViz Infographic is a custom visual developped for Power BI and brings new visual possibilites including using Power Point for visual design and applying cool animations very easily.

Getting Started
You can use Microsoft Power Point to design your dream Power BI visual with static texts, shapes, icons and more. Select all shapes to export, right click, save as image and select. SVG file format. Your visual is almost ready!

Import your design as single visual, select layers to edit, and bind your data to any text, color, or any attribute of a shape.

Lastly you can add animations, conditional formating or visual-level calculations without any performance effect.

Free version of visual supports all formatting options including conditional formatting, custom gradient & shape fill except for animations. You can enable all premium features including animations using a licence key which you can obtain from .

Documentation & Support

Sample Report

Getting Started Video

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