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Inforiver Enterprise delivers the fastest way to writeback, comment, collaborate and schedule report

Inforiver delivers unparalleled end-user self-service, interactivity, and collaboration experiences for your Power BI reports. Inforiver Premium edition delivers innovations such as interactive toolbar, extensive layout, formatting and navigation options, one-click visualizations, paginated reports, and formatted export capabilities.

Inforiver Enterprise delivers everything offered by Inforiver Premium, along with advanced data input (forecasts, text, drop-down lists etc.), writeback, commenting, collaboration, report scheduling & bursting, and more. This makes it highly useful for use cases such as what-if analysis, simulations, sales forecasting, planning, forecasting, budgeting, and more.

Inforiver Enterprise Edition Feature Highlights:

1. Data Input

  • Input and update your data like you would do in Excel and save them to database destination(s) even from the (from the reading view)
  • Supports various input types – Number, Text, Single Select, Multi Select, Check box and Date
  • Update other visuals automatically upon writeback (Live-Sync feature)

2. Writeback

  • Save your Power BI report data to on-premise or cloud databases (SQL Server, Azure SQL, Azure Synapse, Snowflake, Big Query, Redshift, SAP HANA, and many more), shared folders (one-drive, share-point), or custom end-point destination URLs
  • Writeback cell-level comments and conversations along with data
  • Filter & write back data dynamically at runtime
  • Writeback specific measures chosen dynamically at runtime
  • Drive collaborative forecasts, projections & simulations seamlessly using writeback

3. Scheduling

  • Deliver reports to email or shared destinations such as OneDrive, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, and Google Drive
  • Use flexible frequency options – e.g., specific days of the week, month, and more
  • Schedule entire reports, report tabs, or specific pages within a paginated report as a single PDF/Excel file or multiple files
  • Schedule reports as highly formatted PDF/Excel extracts
  • Send emails with high-quality executive screenshot embedded in the body of the email
  • Send only relevant records to recipients by using filters, bookmarks, and Report+ from a single schedule
  • Deliver reports to users external to your organization by email
  • Daily/Monthly Snapshot reporting to save and archive your reports as excel or pdf files

4. Commenting & Collaboration

  • Capture cell-level comments with details such as author & posted time
  • Use @ mention to tag other stakeholders and draw their attention
  • Reply to comments posted by other users and have interactive conversations
  • Assign tasks to stakeholders and track closure status
  • Receive instant notification when someone responds to you, tags you or assigns a task to you
  • Write back your comments to an on-premises or cloud SQL database or a shared drive (e.g., OneDrive)
  • Schedule and receive periodic email commentary digests

5. Ad-hoc Emails

Send ad-hoc, formatted PDF / Excel exports of the report by email to select recipients, including external stakeholders

To know more, visit: Inforiver

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