Konsido Spend and CPO

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Get an overview of your organisation's expenditures and the associated carbon footprint

This Power BI app is designed as a dynamic and interactive tool tailored for procurement staff and financial controllers who seek to gain deep insights into their organization's spending patterns and the environmental impact associated with these expenditures. This innovative application serves to bridge the gap between financial efficiency and environmental responsibility by providing a comprehensive analysis of spend behavior alongside its associated carbon footprint. Our Power BI app offers a multi-faceted analysis platform that integrates with your organization's financial postings and invoices. It features tailored dashboards that highlight key spend metrics, trends, and anomalies, enabling users to drill down into the specifics, all the way to the actual item purchased. Alongside spend analytics, the app calculates and displays the carbon footprint of the organization's spend, offering insights into the environmental impact of its procurement decisions. This dual focus allows for a balanced approach to financial management and environmental stewardship, empowering organizations to make informed decisions that optimize spending and minimize environmental impact. The primary audience of this Power BI app are procurement staff and financial controllers within an organization. These professionals are tasked with managing and optimizing spend, ensuring financial efficiency, and increasingly, incorporating sustainability into their decision-making processes. The app's intuitive interface and detailed analytics cater specifically to these users, providing them with the tools they need to analyze spend data, identify cost-saving opportunities, and evaluate the environmental implications of their procurement choices. In order to use the Power BI app you need a subscription with Konsido Aps, contact for more information.

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