Market Lens for Power BI

Nasdaq에 의해

Nasdaq provides customizable, day-one functionality and value for Market Lens API subscribers.

Nasdaq eVestment provides Market Lens API clients with starter Power BI templates, to enable custom data visualization. The interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities with a simple interface allows users to create their own reports and dashboards. Nasdaq eVestment provides several initial data visualizations. The mandate analysis allows institutional investment managers to see exactly which asset classes and strategies are in/out of favor with institutional investors and exactly which competing managers are winning & losing mandates. The recommendations and ratings analysis provides insight into how the consultant gatekeepers are placing asset managers with their investor clients. Consultants are the best means for an asset manager to gain asset raising scale, Market Lens is the only provider to offer aggregated view of consultant recommendations, and the Power BI platform allows for deeper analytics and insight.

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