Dynamics 365 Manufacturing Analytics by ZAP

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Production analytics for faster, better insights into your Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management data

If you need to quickly and easily deploy Power BI-based dashboards and analysis on your Dynamics 365 SCM data, then look no further!

ZAP Data Hub for Power BI: fast business insight, fast delivery in the cloud.

ZAP Data Hub’s pre-built optimized, Unified Data Model and Power BI analytics conquer the challenges of centralizing and analyzing all your Dynamics 365 Finance and SCM data. It automatically models and enriches your data into a consistent, unified and centralized data warehouse that is generated in the cloud.

As a Software-as-a-Service, no installation or server maintenance is required, allowing you to focus on unlocking the value of your data through reporting and analysis. You can also extend the pre-built data model to include all your other data sources using our many cloud, file and database connectors.

ZAP Data Hub gives your organization an extensive, trusted repository of organizational data ready for BI analysis – with a focus on data quality, enrichment and governance.

ZAP Data Hub for Power BI: tailored for Dynamics 365

ZAP’s unique offering for Dynamics 365 includes data profiling, data enrichment and smart connectivity to Dynamics 365. Merging Dynamics 365 companies become a simple process, and bringing in extra tables or columns is simplified thanks to our deep integrations with Dynamics 365 that detect relationships, extract captions and metadata including dimensions and security. Our solution is not limited to modeling against Data Entities; this means that we give you the keys to a powerful, flexible and friendlier customization experience.

In addition to the deep integrations with Dynamics 365, ZAP Data Hub’s powerful data management platform includes a wide range of enterprise modeling features, such as data quality enrichment, data merging or tracking changes. It comes with over 80 datasource connectors and integrations with various third-party apps or identity providers.

100 business metrics in 30 pre-built Power BI dashboards

Simply deploy and connect our Power BI Apps for Dynamics 365 to your ZAP Unified Data Model and leverage hundreds of pre-built metrics and analytics for General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Sales, Procurement, and Inventory.

ZAP Data Hub is the best, most flexible and fastest way to centralize, augment and analyze your Dynamics 365.

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