EcoStruxure Energy Hub

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Simplify energy management for buildings with cloud-based IoT software EcoStruxure Energy Hub

Newsflash: Schneider Electric was recognized as the 2022 Microsoft Energy & Sustainability Partner of the Year

About the Offer

Change the way you manage your energy by enabling the digitalization of your building operations with EcoStruxure Energy Hub powered by Microsoft Azure platform. This cloud-based IoT solution addresses your challenges in a simple way, It is a perfect solution for any business as there is increasing pressure on design firms and construction companies to find simple, cost-effective ways to comply with emerging building energy codes and standards. New buildings must be equipped with the means to collect and report their energy use by load type. EcoStruxure Energy Hub is specifically designed to help contractors comply with these new requirements with minimal impact on project budgets and timelines

Energy Hub is a simple energy management solution for sustainable buildings of future.

Key Benefits

This system provides Energy Insights that you need at your fingertips :
1. Building energy code compliance: Building codes are now mandating energy usage be measured, stored, and visualized. Monitoring and reporting on energy usage in accordance with building energy codes and standards for which Collecting energy data by load type and then storing the same for 36 months or more.
2. Analyze energy usage and reduce waste: Gain energy awareness, baseline energy usage, identify areas to focus, set targets and take action. Track usage by load type (HVAC, lighting, and plug loads) and with that aggregate energy by site, building, floor, area, and zones which will result in energy usage reports by the format of monthly, daily, and hourly.
3. Benchmark building performance: Compare energy usages across multiple sites, buildings, floors, areas, zones, equipment, and devices and then report top five energy consumers of energy, site, building, and load type.
4. Real-time power equipment status: See how your electrical system is performing and get power equipment updates in real-time along with that view status of electrical network on single-line diagram and in addition to that view, investigate and acknowledge alarms with native iOS, Android apps and receive alarm notifications by mobile app or email.

Buildings that use Energy Hub

  • Commercial Buildings / Offices
  • Education
  • Light Industrial
  • Residential
  • Retail Chains

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