Project Management


Project Management Automation

Project Management Automation tools to enhance the efficiency and productivity of employee and teams of an organization from both the financial and performance perspective. Also we provide a more enriching and immersive experience through our Dynamic Project Planner. This also includes the following features;
1. Project planner with Gantt chart
2. Project Milestone management
3. Task and subtask management
4. Project progress monitoring through Kanban Board
5. Project Health management through burn-down chart and Velocity monitoring
6. Plan value and actual cost analysis
7. Project Summary view through infographic Project Dashboard

Lead management Module:
This section mainly deals with leads and their life cycle. Let us divide this lead management procedure into few pointers.
A lead is getting registered in leads section. There will be one leads manager who will be assigning the leads to their respective team/BDE. The assigned BDE will call those leads and they will be selecting the status of the lead. There will be four status of any lead (Interested, Not interested, On Hold, Couldn’t connect).

Proposal management Module:
A cloud proposal management will be the easiest thing to keep track of all the upcoming projects and rejected projects. Proposal management will be executed as follows.
1. Admin persona will be configuring the cloud server for proposal and a dummy format of the proposal will be there on the cloud. After submitting certain amount of data for the required proposal, the proposal will be sent to the client with a toggle of accept and reject at their end.
2. Once the client is accepting the proposal an acknowledgement will be sent to the admin as well as client’s end also mentioning about the further procedures.

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