ActiveViam for Pricing


A retail price optimization solution focused on performance, precision and transparency

ActiveViam for Pricing leverages top-of-the-line data science and analytics technology, including in-memory computing, Machine Learning and AI to offer a comprehensive, interactive and customizable price optimization solution. In a business environment where companies thrive or struggle based on how well they can exploit and analyze data, those who are not able to extract all the value from thet data they collect will risk losing market share and profits to their competitors.ActiveViam for pricing offers retailers the technology they need to analyze more data, faster, and with greater precision than ever before. Leading retailers such as Leroy-Merlin, Intermarché and Monoprix already use ActiveViam for Pricing in this way to optimize their margins, foster loyalty among their customers and take the lead over their competitors both traditional and emerging. The solution offers a 360 approach to price optimization, including new product pricing, repricing, promotion planning, markdown optimization, own-brand strategy, omni-channel pricing and more. It also provides a deep, flexible analytics platform that supports rich visualizations, 'What-If' scenarios analysis, custom validation process, etc. Thanks to our technology, our clients greatly accelerate and streamline their pricing process, allowing them to implement true dynamic pricing strategies and compete effectively with online retail giants. Where other solutions act as black boxes and offer no flexibility in their price recommendations, ActiveViam for Pricing remains transparent through every aspect of the pricing process and adapt to the specificities of your company and your customers. Contact us to learn how ActiveViam for Pricing can help your company today.
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