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The leader in enterprise work management, helping people, teams and companies do their best work.

Connect, collaborate, and simplify workflows using Adobe Workfront, our best-in-class collaborative work management solution to launch campaigns and deliver personalized experiences at scale. All Adobe Workfront storage is powered by Azure and provides the security, scalability, and responsiveness of the Microsoft Cloud open and flexible platform.

What does Workfront do for Marketers?

Marketing with strategy, not crossed fingers.

  • Bring strategy to life. Define goals and map project requests against them, connect daily tasks to strategies, and boost productivity with a marketing system of record.
  • Plan, prioritize, and iterate work. Compare project plans side by side, pick the best one, then adjust it on the fly as new data is added or market opportunities change.
  • Make marketing work flow. Accelerate work with automations, templates, real-time reports, and marketing-focused Agile boards, as well as direct integrations with essential applications like Adobe Creative Cloud.
  • Ensure compliance and brand standards. Use online reviewing to let stakeholders comment, request changes, and approve projects while maintaining an auditable record of change.
  • Deliver campaign assets for activation. Modify existing assets to kick-start new campaigns and send them directly to Adobe Experience Manager for activation. Then measure asset effectiveness and replicate what’s working.

What does Workfront do for IT Teams and PMOs?

Maintain project management standards. No matter how big your org is.

  • Align the business strategy. Define goals, build business cases, assess strategies. Then connect daily work to goals, all while shortening PMO response time.
  • Deliver impact. Create project plans aligned with strategies, compare alternative scenarios, vet requests against priorities, and truly understand capacity, timelines, and trade-offs.
  • Streamline delivery. Accelerate execution with automations, templates, and real-time reporting, track progress to manage risk, and support multiple work methodologies, like Scrum and Kanban, in one application.
  • Accelerate and audit approvals. Ensure standards and maintain an auditable record of changes with tools that let teams such as IT, design, product, legal, and management review, comment, and approve projects online.
  • Stay on budget and on time. Vet processes against strategies and progress against goals, connect production to other enterprise applications for activation, and measure and evaluate project effectiveness to meet the definition of done.

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