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A scalable, out of the box, fulfillment orchestration solution for eCommerce retailers.

ShopperKit is a headless-tailless, API first, device agnostic, application enabling online order fulfillment from retailer’s physical stores, dark stores, warehouses, and MFC’s. ShopperKit makes it simple for retailers to increase labor efficiencies, impulse buys and basket size for their curbside and delivery orders.

The ShopperKit Experience
As your customers place their online grocery orders, they will immediately appear in the ShopperKit application. Catering, deli-counter or other service counter items are automatically segregated from the rest of the order and routed to the appropriate department employees for preparation. Meanwhile, the store associate, equipped with tablet, scanner and mobile label printer select multiple orders to shop. ShopperKit guides the store associate to fulfill the orders using a highly intuitive and graphical user interface while directing the user through the store utilizing an optimized pick path. ShopperKit ensures that items are matched to the correct order and handled correctly by printing customer and food safety specific order labels. If substitutions become necessary, associates may communicate with the customer, even sending them pictures of the product. As orders are completed, they are staged by food safety type and because ShopperKit updates in real time, managers, associates and customer alike will always have the latest information regarding their orders. When the time comes for pickup or delivery, ShopperKit ensures that customers receive all the items on their orders buy directing the entire carryout and delivery process. As the completed orders are handed off to the customer, ShopperKit guarantees customer satisfaction by guiding the associate through a final customer review of the order and mitigates any future disputes by capturing customer signature.

• Multi-order shopping allows in-store associates to fulfill any number of orders at once. 
• Optimized pick flows allow for in-store shoppers to travel the store as efficiently as possible. 
• Integrated communication platform allows store to communicate directly with the customer in real time. 
• Zoned shopping reduces overall travel time by focusing shopping efforts to specific regions of the store. 
• Better manage service counter and catering orders with Prepared Items workflow. 
• Descriptive order labels ensure orders are staged and organized correctly based on customer and food safety. 
• API First architecture allows for easy integration with any e-commerce and POS system. 
• Ensure last mile order accuracy with dedicated delivery order workflow.

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