Appsurify Professional

Appsurify, Inc.

Super-Fast Software Testing. Amazingly reliable results. Your Tests - Your Environment.

Test earlier, find defects earlier, release earlier. 

Appsurify TestBrain helps software development professionals and teams save time and resources by introducing intelligence into their current software testing practice so to provide a 95% reduction in automated test completion times and quarantine flaky failures so they don't break builds. With TestBrain, individuals and teams don't have to choose either speed or quality of releases - they can have both. 

Built for developers and QA teams, TestBrain leverages machine learning to determine the areas of the code that changes with each developer commit - and subsequently selects and automatically runs just the subset of automation tests associated with those code change areas. Outcome, dramatically accelerated feedback to developer and QA teams for improved productivity, speed, and quality of releases. 

We built Appsurify to give time and resources back to the software development community. Enjoy! 
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