Ipsotek Airport Computer Vision SaaS

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Ipsotek VI Suite for Airports

VISuite is a versatile, artificial intelligence video analytics (A.I.V.A.) platform that automatically raises alerts from existing CCTV cameras and/or Video Management Systems (VMS). VISuite converts video data (ONVIF streams) into real-time, actionable intelligence to optimize safety & security across all areas of a smart city. VI suite has delivered results for 20+ years and is in use for more than 600+ customers worldwide

The core Video Analytics element of VISuite AI is Ipsotek’s patented Scenario-Based Rule Engine (SBRE), a powerful tool to precisely define behaviors of interest as they would unfold in the real-world dynamic and complex environment.

The SBRE is derived from a conceptual description of activities as they are explained by a human operator. It allows for multiple Video Analytics and AI events to contribute to an alarm trigger and leverages the ability to fuse inputs from multiple sensors to form a robust alarm. The SBRE can differentiate between complex scenarios such as a vehicle stopping opposite a sensitive building, driver leaving the vehicle and walking away, or a taxi stopping at the same location to let a passenger out. Another example would be differentiating between a passenger in an airport putting a bag on the floor and standing next to it from a person putting a bag down and actually abandoning it.

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