CloudMoyo Rail Contract Management (CRCM)

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Digitally transform your contracts to accelerate commerce, mitigate risk, and maximize ROI

CloudMoyo Rail Contract Management (CRCM) is a Microsoft Azure-based, SaaS platform that empowers modern freight and passenger railroads to digitally transform their contractual relationships with customers, partners, suppliers, labor unions, and regulatory bodies. Powered by Icertis and enhanced by CloudMoyo proprietary apps tailor-made for railroads, CRCM allows railroads to simplify processes, accelerate commerce, mitigate risk, improve compliance, and exercise complete control over contract operations, maximizing ROI with faster time to value.

Challenges of paper-based contract management that CRCM solves for:
  • Unstructured storage and difficulties in retrieving thousands of paper-based contracts generated over 100+ years of freight railroad operations
  • Ever-changing regulations from regulatory bodies, rendering existing contracts non-compliant
  • Difficulties in tracking expiries, warranties, and payment schedules for thousands of contracts
  • Manual, error-prone processes in identifying and meeting large amounts of complex contractual obligations, resulting in disputes and loss of goodwill
  • Contractual agreements with multiple labor unions have non-uniform clauses creating complications in payroll, duty assignments, and claims procedures.
  • Equipment sourcing and maintenance, land leases, and construction involves numerous entities and thousands of contracts which are difficult to manage
  • Compliance measurement and risk identification due to data and process silos

Some of the benefits of CRCM that our rail customers enjoy:
Accelerate commerce
  • Accelerate quote-to-cash
  • Faster interline settlements
  • Faster shipment velocity and order fulfilment
Protect against risk
  • Comply with labor laws and other prevalent regulators
  • Adherence to Railway Accounting Rules
  • Protection from price surges and revenue leakage
Optimize your business
  • Rapid contract authoring and execution, enhanced enforcements.
  • Advanced rail decision analytics for business intelligence
  • Contract negotiations (real estate, equipment, services, and customer orders)

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