SMART Agro Solution Modular & Integrated

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SMART Agro Solution Modular & Integrated

Empowering agriculture to produce the food the world needs in a sustainable way.

Smart Agriculture
  1. Monitoring in real time (Location, humidity,
  2. temperature, PH...)
  3. Reduce the environmental impact of the agricultural activity, increasing the sustainability of the farm:
  • Reduce the use of chemical products.
  • Take care of the soil layer
  • Manage the use of water resources
  • Mitigate the presence of pathogens that generate toxins and rots in fruits and vegetables.
  • Enable improved farm profitability through better input management. More accurate management decisions are made
  • Improve the quality and quantity of production or final products, with data analysis and correct decision making.
  • Reduce risks of operations, by being able to perform a correct traceability of operations and production, from the field to the final consumer

Smart Irrigation
Efficient water irrigation savings
  • ✓ Activates irrigation when the soil demands it
  • ✓ Wireless irrigation system control
  • ✓ Installation and maintenance savings
  • ✓ Water savings of more than 40%
  • ✓ Shuts off irrigation at will

Smart Cattle
  • Avoid unnecessary displacement
  • Real time location of cattle
  • Reduces losses or complications in calving time
  • Monitor livestock 24x7 and warns if any animal is out of the pasture area or
  • has any anomaly
  • You can know what is happening with the livestock from any location
  • Allows you to manage more cattle with fewer resources
  • Allows to demonstrate the traceability of the origin of the animals and the meat

Integration Services
  • Integration Project Management
  • Digital Transformation Management
  • Cloud Platform Architecture
  • Cloud Platform Administration
  • Cloud Platform Monitoring
  • Post implementation service
  • Educational platform provider and specialized content

Smart Hub
  • IoT integration - Any protocol or device –
  • Collect and control – Data, events and devices
  • One API - All the data, all the features
  • Store data
  • Time series database
  • Users own their devices and data
  • Integration with other IT services (e.g. DW)
  • Share data/functions
  • Automation, rules engine ("IFTTT")
  • AI / Machine Learning
  • Massive IoT - Scalable from scratch
  • Security
  • Integration to customer's IAM/IDP
  • Based on open source and open standards

We need to
Apply more sustainable cultivation methods that will allow to move towards an ecologically responsible production.
Reduce the impact it has on the environment.
W0rry about soil, water, fertilizers and waste management.
Employ more efficient techniques linked to technology.

The improvement of agriculture is one of the main challenges of this world...

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