EBM (The Enterprise Bot Manager)

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Empowering enterprise teams to create, manage and scale engaging chatbots and digital assistants.

Go beyond chatbots by empowering your council to embrace conversational AI and create, manage and scale engaging digital assistants.

EBM (The Enterprise Bot Manager) is a no-code/low-code platform that can provide you with the tools and operating model required to quickly and effectively deliver your digital assistant program and to manage and monitor it for continued success. Automate customer and employee conversations, business processes and tasks so that people can add value in the areas that can't be automated. Using the latest Machine Learning algorithms and integrated with the best-in-class Natural Language Processing providers, EBM streamlines processes and enables you to maintain complete control of your data and IP.

All-in-one chatbot management software
EBM provides the features to fulfil the majority of your key requirements out-of-the-box and helps accelerate the development of bespoke features.

  • Content management. Create, test, monitor and manage content with our easy to use visual content builder
  • Content templates. Quickly and efficiently start building you chatbots with ready-to-use templates and customise them however you like
  • Work collaboratively. Manage multiple teams working collaboratively on bots across the organisation
  • Channel integrations. Integrates with key messaging / voice channels so your users can interact with your bot whenever and however they prefer
  • System integrations. Integrate with multiple channels and back end platforms to control your end-to-end customer bot journey
  • Advanced analytics. Pinpoint high impact content areas to retrain and drive business objectives / metrics
  • Enterprise readiness. Maintain ownership and control of data and IP on a scalable and secure infrastructure

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