IntelliMatch MRS

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IntelliMatch Managed Reconciliation Service

FIS™ IntelliMatch solution is reinventing the way reconciliation professionals address challenges such as data inaccuracy fragmentation, variation, convolution and degradation. IntelliMatch empowers reconciliation professionals to support and track all data integrity and reconciliation processes from one place for greater operational control.  

IntelliMatch also simplifies the user experience and harnesses automation and artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize efficiency.   

FIS Revolutionizes Reconciliation

AI and process innovation can solve your fast-changing data integrity challenges 

Track Your Entire Reconciliation Inventory

Follow the status of all your reconciliations from a single screen, monitoring their status, ownership, fundamental behavior, approvals and end-to-end progress against SLAs  

Define and Demonstrate Control

Reduce risk with oversight and audit capabilities and enable one click deployment for known types of reconciliation 

Optimize Automation with AI

Our IntelliMatch Virtual Reconciler uses machine learning to accelerate everyday reconciliation tasks and improve efficiency

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