XRmeet : AR Remote Assistance and Object Detection


Augmented reality remote assistance platform to provide real-time visual support for workforce

XRmeet is an augmented reality SaaS platform that enables the workforce to connect with remote experts within a few clicks and get real-time visual advice for challenging tasks. The platform also enables the workers to collaborate with their team members and make informed decisions.

XRmeet benefits the employees as well as the decision-makers in an organization. Workers can connect and share their physical space with an expert at another location. The experts are then able to annotate the live video stream with AR tools, hand drawings, and markings and guide the remote worker with the challenging tasks, thereby creating unique collaborative experiences. The decision-makers, on the other hand, who are struggling with worker inefficiency, productivity, lack of required skill and knowledge in new workers, and rising traveling costs of experts to sites find XRmeet an apt solution to solve their problems.

With XRmeet, the workers can complete any challenging tasks on time on their own. When they require any assistance, XRmeet superimposes the required data to complete the tasks on the device the worker uses. This enables them to complete the tasks within the required time with no error occurrences. If at any point, they are facing a struggle to finish the task, they can connect with the expert virtually and store notes in the app for future reference. Being able to access the data required at any time helps avoid unnecessary machine downtime, reduces pressure at work, and improves workforce safety.

XRmeet is built with workers and executives in mind to solve their critical problems. By bringing interactive augmented reality technology into the remote assistance platform, we bridge the gap between the physical and virtual worlds.

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