Onesait Airlines Revenue

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Simplify and automate the Airlines´ revenue accounting processes

Onesait Airlines Revenue simplifies revenue accounting operations. It allows data updates in real time, offering a trustworthy and robust solution with a quick time to market. Key benefits are: 1. Complete overview of revenue: Onesait Airlines Revenue gives full coverage to all Revenue Accounting processes and requirements, simplifying the model and ensuring the integrity and total control of information and revenues. 2. Parameter setup: Our product has been designed to satisfy Airlines business needs through parameter and rules setup: accounting, currencies, prorating methods, quality checks, automation rules, and more. 3. Accuracy: Onesait Airlines Revenue, web-based platform deployed in the cloud, for trustable results and reports. 4. Speed : Reduced ‘time to develop’ & ‘time to market’ means your IT can be much more agile in servicing needs of the business units or developers. It can also be integrated with our in-house payment platform: Onesait Payments

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