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Cross-platform Electronic Flight Bag

EFBOne – the world’s first true EFB Cross-Platform software powered by International Flight Support. Our mission is to make flight operations feel simple and we do so by providing a customizable platform that seamlessly integrates all flight ops in one place.

EFBOne offers the most flexible set-up options of any app in the market due to its architecture being designed to be able to support each operator's operational reporting requirements. App's workflow design is flexible and is adapted to cover the exact operational needs of an airline- this provides the crew with a unique, effective, and user-friendly work process.

The EFBOne software is a fully integrated solution and can cover the entire pre-flight to post-flight process. It has a back-office engine that is integrated with airline Back-end IT systems such as Flight Planning, Scheduling/crew systems etc. Full hosting of system with secure geo-redundant data storage is included (MS Azure environment).

We provide full suites or selected module combinations such as Journey Log, Electronic Flight Planning, M & B/eLoadsheet, eReporting, Document Mgmt and Library Module, Chart Viewer integration and in some cases also Performance Module integration.

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