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A complete digital platform for eCommerce

ShopSphere is a comprehensive eCommerce platform that transforms your eCommerce journey and makes your business stand out among competitors and thrive by augmenting sales. ShopSphere comes with advanced scaling capabilities, and pre-built components to facilitate a customised user interface. The range of its features also includes outstanding agility and customer centricity.

As a value driven digital commerce solution, ShopSphere can create meaningful and empowering digital journeys for all stakeholders. Engineered by Mozanta, the digital commerce expert, ShopSphere is a bespoke eCommerce solution stack built with new age tech to facilitate one of its kind experiences in visual search and product discovery
If you are a CXO looking for better digitisation of your business, or a merchandiser looking for flexibility to expedite your GTM strategies or a digital head looking for cost effective and feature rich product for digitisation of your business, you can get in touch with us to know more about ShopSphere.
ShopSphere offers a wide variety of features and flexibility at a lower TCO, there by guaranteeing high ROI. The product is safe and secure, with no long term dependency on the vendor. Built on Azure based MACH architecture, with access to a rich talent pool with good domain knowledge, ShopSphere opens doors to scale up your business through powerful digital solutions of the future.

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