Nulia Works


Nulia Works gets users using digital productivity suites. Unlock value. Be productive. Realize ROI.

Nulia Works - Digital Enablement in the Flow of Work

The Nulia Works platform is a new way of getting users using digital productivity suites, like Office 365, to help them become more productive on a continuous basis. It guides users with data-driven insights and measures success by doing, enabling users to continuously attain & maintain productivity skills.

Research tells us that 50% of digital productivity tools go unused and do not create lasting change. Buying digital productivity suites is simply not enough. Without the right approach to enable users, and continuously measure their progress and guide them, the value of the productivity suite investment cannot be realized.

Nulia Works provides a better way - Digital Enablement.

Digital Enablement goes beyond training to drive skill development and sustainable behavioral change. It helps employees realize their productivity potential in the flow of work, unlocking the value of Office 365 for users and organizations.

Nulia Works unlocks the value of Office 365 and enables the ROI promise of productivity suites based on three key value drivers:

Measure & Evaluate

Powered by data intelligence

  • Tracks progress on skills and outcomes, providing personalized and organizational analyses of usage
  • Captures each user's unique needs based on actual measurable behaviors
  • Provides progressive levels of mastery: User, Producer, & Master
Personalize & Guide

Powered by AI, ML, and Bots

  • View full skill development overviews with targeted recommendations based on profiles and persona
  • Provides users with highly tailored activities, skills, outcomes, and pace
  • Always on 24/7 engagement that meets users where they are
Engage & Reward

Powered by the experience engine

  • Support and encouragement that makes enablement fun, exciting, and personally rewarding
  • Motivates users by unlocking achievements and achieving outcomes
  • Users earn data-driven, industry-recognized badges to continuously verify skills are always up to date and in use
Users have a variety of business outcomes to choose from, such as:
  • Getting Started with Office 365
  • Real-Time Communication
  • Collaborative Teamwork
  • Organizing your Digital Life
The Nulia Works platform works in conjunction with other more traditional Microsoft-curated training and change management practices so turn on Nulia Works and get users using!

Unlock the Value. Become more Productive. Realize your Potential.

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