Trader Smart Online Trading

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Trader is the right eCommerce platform for organisations where online sales are a critical.

If online sales is a critical revenue channel for your business, then you need the best ecommerce platform available.   

If you need guaranteed stability and scalability then Trader is right for your business. ​  It offers a modern user interface, which is modular, configurable and extensible, meaning that you can customize the experience for your customers. ​

Trader can deliver a highly personalized experience to your customer ensuring that no two people see the same webpages, have the same site journey or are suggested the same products. This unique approach drives ecommerce sales. ​  

Trader utilizes the power of the Azure cloud to help deliver a dynamic, scalable and proven framework. The huge scalability of Azure means our customers data can also grow without affecting performance.

Trader is also API enabled for real-time interactions and integrations between systems.
Data is used to deliver highly personalized experiences to customers where no two sessions are the same. This gives you the ability to open up promotions, bundles, target sales, upselling and cross-selling opportunities.  ​​

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