SWIFTCAD Public Safety Computer Aided Dispatch

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Computer Aided Dispatch

Industry experts say 95% of today’s CAD products are built on outdated technologies. Not SWIFTCAD™.

This new CAD system from Optimum Technology is built on the latest Microsoft technologies which supports Desktop, Web and Mobile implementations with a single code base.

SWIFTCAD can handle multi-center, multi-jurisdictional environments. Each 911 center can configure resources and workflows via the user dashboard, allowing for a high level product flexibility. Our modern mobile application includes chat, voice to text, instant notifications, SOS alerts, navigations. The call workflow process is easily managed and allows for a high level of configurability and flexibility.

SWIFTCAD is architected for medium- and large-scale, multi Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP) installations. As a state or countywide CAD, it offers true resource call sharing and visibility into those resources and Emergency Operations Center (EOC) environments. For example, if there is a major weather-related incident, such as a hurricane or tornado, resources can be mobilized instantly.

Frontline first-responders working from laptops, tablets, or smartphones have the same CAD experience as do those in dispatch with SWIFTCAD. It does not matter where they are physically located (whether in a 911 center or remote) a command center immediately can be set up for emergencies in the middle of a shooting incident or at a structure fire, for quick response. With SWIFTCAD, a police sergeant or battalion chief can be on site managing resources directly from a laptop or smartphone. With the proper permissions, leaders can add or change resources while viewing what those resources are doing and their statuses.

What’s more, it can be rolled out to states and then to PSAPs within 60 to 90 days; not the typical two to three years of other CAD systems. PSAP test systems are instantly set up in the cloud for configuration and then uploaded to production for go-live. SWIFTCAD requires no installation by a PSAP IT team.

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