Remitter Platform

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Streamline digital outreach & payments in your collections process using AI and best practises.

Remitter is a white labelled digital communications platform powered by artificial intelligence that helps lenders maximize revenue by optimizing customer engagement. The system sends personalized mobile communications (SMS or Email) to customers based on their own interactions with the platform, at the right time and on their preferred channel. With only a few clicks customers can pay in full without any extra steps like finding the bill, creating profiles or logging in using configurable payment options. 

Borrowers can also create a payment plan with a start date, amount and payment terms that work for them. If they would like to speak to someone about their bill customers are able to connect to an agent or request a call back at a time that suits them. The intelligent communications platform is delivering proven results with customers seeing an increase in collections and achieving operational expense savings whilst remaining more compliant and enhancing their consumers brand experience.

Omnichannel Experience

No matter which channel your consumers prefer to be communicated to, we are there, via SMS or email


Auto Translate

Remitter will automatically translate the user interface into the debtor’s native language (24 different languages) determined by the languages their mobile device is set to

Time Zone Sending

Our location engine uses your customers zip code and ensures messages are sent and arrive in your customer’s local time zone.


Access to Instant Payment Arrangements

Collect more by empowering customers to create flexible repayment schedules that fits their needs while remaining within your business rules


Dispute Resolution

Empower your customers to schedule call-backs or get in touch with you in a single click to resolve disputes. 

ID Verification Engine 

High level protection providing a security layer to identify the customer before payment

PCI Tier 1 Compliance

Ensuring a high level of security and compliance is a core part of our company’s values

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