iShiksha A mobile skilling and engagement platform

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Mobile Employee Engagement & Skill Training Platform

iShiksha is a mobile enabled skilling platform for enterprises to train its workforce. The solution allows for anytime anywhere learning via rich scenario-based video lessons. It can be effectively used both as a powerful classroom teaching aid by trainers and for self-paced & just in time learning by learners. iShiksha is a SaaS solution runs on Azure Cloud Technology.

iShiksha as a training delivery mechanism can be adopted by any corporate for onboarding, upskilling and reskilling its workforce. The solution encourages self-paced learning which reduces in classroom training time while increasing productive time at work. A solution that can be completely white-labelled on demand.

Salient Features –
- Provides Pre-built ready to use video-based courses for BPM, Healthcare, Retail, BFSI sectors and more.
- Allows enterprises to upload any additional custom courses onto the platform with a couple of clicks.
- Provides analytics to track employee training progress for timely reviews.
- Facilitates sharing up-to-date HR policies, company information, employee benefits through real time notifications within the app.
- Allows access through any mobile device or desktop.

Being cloud based with ready to use courses, deploying iShiksha at any organization is a matter of minutes, with zero overhead to the enterprise.

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