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SmartMessage marketing automation and omnichannel communication platform

The market shift towards customer experience requires today’s marketers to bridge the gap between the customer experience and marketing complexity. SmartMessage brings extensive knowledge and experience in all industries along with customization capabilities, and best-in class services and support that save time and money. 

SmartMessage is an enterprise-ready, omnichannel marketing communication platform that covers a comprehensive set of solutions including all the features that support the creation, automation, execution and reporting of Email, SMS, Push and Social Media campaigns. Though its integrated approach and customer-centricity, SmartMessage creates meaningful experiences that maximize lifetime value.

With SmartMessage omnichannel campaign management solutions and real-time event processing capabilities, management of all campaign interactions across inbound and outbound channels are consolidated in a single platform. You can create, execute, optimize, and evaluate all customer interaction strategies and run automated campaigns and event-driven programs.

Our platform and solutions can be deployed rapidly, customized easily and integrated with any third-party applications. Our user-friendly interface and our extensive API allow you to manage, report and integrate campaigns at all scales.

The SmartMessage Marketing Platform provides a scalable, enterprise-ready campaign management and event-based marketing solution proven across all industries by Fortune 500 firms. We give marketers an advantage that includes customizability, faster implementation, scalability to match business growth, and a significantly total cost of ownership.

SmartMessage Value Proposition:

1. superior digital customer engagement

2. increased customer loyalty

3. higher customer lifetime value (CLV)

4. better rewarding customer experience

5. increased ROI

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