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Provision MS Teams (incl. tabs, channels, apps, file folders…), SharePoint sites & groups.

Collaboration Manager 365 is a provisioning and template engine as well as a governance tool for Office 365 from Solutions2Share. It allows users to create and manage their own Microsoft Teams, Office 365 Groups and SharePoint Modern & Classic Sites, based on pre-defined templates that help your company keep control of a structured environment.

Template Engine: Create custom templates for SharePoint sites, groups and teams with just a click. Customize your template with standard functionality, e.g. activate site / site collection features, edit navigation, use custom logo and custom color range, install apps, create lists and libraries, create content types and more. When you are finished, simply save the complete template as a file in a document library.

Synchronization: After you have created a template and started using it, you may want to improve or change the template. Collaboration Manager’s synchronization functionality will automatically update all existing sites, groups and teams. Simply roll out your changes in the template to all existing sites, groups and teams without programming or manual configuration.

Request / Approval process: Request sites, groups and teams in a standard SharePoint list and add an approval workflow either with Microsoft Flow or third-party tools like K2 or Nintex. Get your fully functional site, group or team without any manual configuration in a few minutes and start working on your project.

Governance: Get control of your SharePoint (Online) environment with a custom request process, group and user management and apply governance rules through all your SharePoint sites, groups and teams.

Top speed: Start your collaboration portal within 15 minutes. Just download the free trial version and start requesting sites, groups and teams with just one click!

Self Service portal: Enable your users to create new sites, groups and teams (site collection based) without the need for administrator permissions. Give them the opportunity to design their own templates and to add changes to existing sites.

Save money: Reduce your administrative effort by using the Collaboration Manager provisioning solution. Don’t waste your time by creating sites, groups or teams manually or setting user permissions by yourself. Benefit from constant updates and development of new features while being able to rely on our stable solution.

New: Provisioning of Microsoft Teams!

  • Create and provision Microsoft Teams with predefined tabs, channels (including their settings, e.g. member permissions, guest permissions…), integrated apps, folder structures, stored documents
  • Connection to SharePoint
  • Make subsequent changes in templates and easily transfer and synchronize those changes to all created teams.
  • Download templates and upload them on a different tenant

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