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Save Links to Websites, Files or Conversations as Bookmarks in Microsoft Teams

With Hyperlinks you can manage, categorize, and visualize your bookmarks in Microsoft Teams®. Collect all your relevant links in link lists and different categories to keep a better overview and find your links quickly. Share your links to a teams channel and edit them together with your colleagues.

Structured overview of your bookmarks
Hyperlinks provides you with a structured overview of all your bookmarks within Microsoft Teams®. Add websites or teams sites, files or conversations to your link lists and illustrate your links with an icon. Set any link as a favorite.

Share links and collaborate in Teams channels
With the Hyperlinks app you can use your link lists privately, or you can share them with your colleagues in any Microsoft Teams® channel with just a few clicks.

Get started right now
Simply click on “Add” in the Microsoft Teams® app store to get started saving your bookmarks with Hyperlinks right away!

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