Supply Chain Forecast | Inventory


Pay-as-you go demand forecasting and inventory optimization improves product availability


For growing businesses ready to move past spreadsheet planning, Supply Chain Forecast | Inventory is an easy-to-use, pay-as-you-go supply chain planning solution that allows you to quickly generate optimized plans to achieve target service levels.

With  Supply Chain Forecast | Inventory you can:

  • Improve your forecast accuracy

  • Reduce your investment in stock

  • Increase the service level to your customers

Supply Chain Forecast | Inventory features an easy-to-use interface that provides the benefits of powerful machine learning engines without the hassle of building/training/deploying machine learning models. This unique Azure Marketplace cloud service optimizes supply chain planning tasks to meet your target service levels and requires no machine learning experience to get started. You simply provide the historical demand and the engine will select and apply the forecasting algorithm that best fits the characteristics of your demand for each item in each market. The engine also analyzes the selling trend of items depending on the stage of their life cycle and selects the best forecasting methods accordingly.

The inventory optimization engine calculates the target stock level for each item in each warehouse. It considers the target service level that you want to achieve, the statistical variability of the demand in the markets served by each warehouse and the supply parameters (such as lead time, lot size, order interval, etc). Depending on your business goals you can select the optimization function which best fits: stock cost minimization, stock volume minimization or stock selling price minimization. The engine will automatically calculate the ideal stock mix and stock targets for each item/warehouse combination of your logistic network.

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