Ultima Autonomous Cloud Essentials

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Autonomous Cloud Essentials allows you to run an efficient public cloud for your IaaS services.

The modern cloud world requires a modern solution to management Far too much time has been wasted documenting environments, setting up and managing agents for alerting and manually checking where cost savings can be made in your environment. That is where Autonomous Cloud can help.  

Built from the ground up to be a cloud native, scalable SaaS solution Autonomous Cloud Essentials allows you to benefit from cloud scale and agility for not only your resources but also your management. Autonomous Cloud Essentials addresses three of the critical success factors in creating a successful cloud management strategy: monitoring, documentation and cost saving. 

Traditionally organisations have had to rely on agents to monitor resources in Azure if they wanted an enterprise grade solution, however agents require patching, security policies and troubleshooting adding to the support effort needed. Autonomous Cloud Essentials uses an agentless solution providing support for more services as well as removing the need to manage the agents. 

Having up to date documentation is a consistent challenge, with every change made in the environment documents need to be updated and after a time these drift away from a true picture of the environment. Autonomous Cloud Essentials provides documentation of your infrastructure as a service environment every 2 months. 

Managing costs with the public cloud can be a challenge if there is not a specialist looking after it and if left unchecked these costs can quickly spiral out of control. Autonomous Cloud Essentials helps you manage your costs within Azure by looking for resources which are not being utilised and can be removed to invest in other areas. 

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