B2B & B2C Managed Identity Service

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Simplifying Cloud Complexity for Competitive Advantage

Winner of the prestigious 2018 Consensus Innovation Award, UNIFYAdvantage is a one-stop solution for Azure customers to manage and secure their digital channels for identities, citizens and customers. It enables access to resources in the cloud with minimal TCO and no upfront investment. UNIFYAdvantage incorporates Azure Active Directory and Azure Active Directory B2C to deliver an agile, secure and cost-effective Cloud identity service. UNIFYAdvantage gets you to Azure quickly and securely without the need for upfront investment.

The UNIFYAdvantage delivers an incremental progression to Azure services through a service catalogue approach and quick wins for the business. Skills shortages and the inertia of incumbent ICT workforces are Cloud adoption killers. The quickest and safest route to Cloud is through specialists and proven products developed through experience, like UNIFYAdvantage.

The Azure Active Directory Identity and Security Suite provides one of the best platforms for controlling workforce, citizen, and customer access. It is proven by UNIFY in large and complex sites, and UNIFYAdvantage packages those benefits for customers. Your reputation depends on the reliability and responsiveness your services. Leveraging the strengths of Azure, UNIFYAdvantage provides the hosting, governance, managed services and reporting that ensures business continuity.

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