USDM Cloud Assurance for Azure Active Directory

USDM에 의해

Rapid implementation, qualification, and maintenance to achieve continuous GxP compliance.

USDM Cloud Assurance for Azure Active Directory provides fast-start tools and accelerators significantly decrease your implementation and qualification of your Azure Active Directory Identity and Access Management System including single sign-on, multifactor authentication, and conditional access functionality for GxP use. Once qualified, maintain compliance with continuous monitoring, regression testing of releases, patches, and updates so you can keep innovating in a continuously compliant state.


  • Delivered via building block Computer Software Assurance (CSA) methodology
  • Microsoft Azure Vendor Assurance Report
  • Qualification Plan
  • Functional Requirements with Risk Assessment
  • Configuration Specification for GxP
  • Automated Configuration Verification
  • Automated Execution Test Scripts
  • Automated Summary Report with Trace Matrix
  • 12 months of USDM Cloud Assurance™ continuous compliance for core Azure Active Directory
    • Continuous monitoring and release management
    • Change Impact assessments
    • Updated qualification documents for high-risk releases
    • Monthly Regression testing

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