WhiteSource Essentials


Get real-time security alerts and compliance issues on your open source dependencies.

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Gain full control over your open source components by receiving the data and insights you need, when you need them. WhiteSource provides full visibility of your open source components, alerts on both security vulnerabilities and compliance issues, and offers actionable remediation insights in real-time. 

WhiteSource offers both development and governance tools. With WhiteSource, developers can quickly identify and fix security issues, while security, DevOps, and legal teams gain the visibility they need to support quick and easy decision-making. 

The Azure DevOps Services Extension seamlessly integrates into your pipeline environment, making your workflow frictionless without delays or interruptions.

Results are available in the WhiteSource Essentials application, a governance dashboard that provides a granular view of your open source inventory, security vulnerabilities with actionable remediation, and compliance data.

Key Benefits

  • Accurate results: The WhiteSource database provides the largest coverage of open source vulnerabilities, with over 200 supported programing languages and continuous monitoring of multiple vulnerability databases including the NVD, over 20 security advisories, GitHub commits and issues, popular open source project issue trackers, and a dedicated security analysts team.

  • No false positives: A proprietary algorithm matches the reported vulnerabilities to the actual affected open source libraries in your code, ensuring no false positive alerts.

  • Faster remediation: Developers save time with suggested security vulnerabilities fixes before and during the build. Integrating security and compliance testing pre-release allows issues to be detected early when they are easier and quicker to fix.

  • Non-intrusive integration: The seamless integration with Azure DevOps pipelines makes WhiteSourse Essentials easy to use and allows DevOps managers to access WhiteSource security and compliance data easily via the Essentials application UI.

  • Code management: WhiteSource Essentials provides you with the flexibility to manage your open source inventory, identify vulnerable libraries, review suggested fixes and remediate vulnerabilities, and manage your compliance data with licenses, copyrights, and notices.